Saturday, January 15, 2011

LB# 15: Project-based Learning and Multimedia: What Is It?

This project-based leaning and multimedia is a combination of learning resources to make our teaching as concrete as we can so abstractions will be clear and meaningful.

Project-based multimedia learning involves the whole class, whether in groups or as a whole. If the students understand what output is to be expected of their project, they actively participate and each student contributes to the completion of the project. The teacher can only set the goals to be achieved by the students by the end of the project and supervise them.

Students are developed greatly in many aspects. Cooperation and camaraderie among classmates, decision making skills, research skills, technical skills, intellect, imagination, creativity, responsibility, time management and more are developed. Throughout the process, the student also learns the lesson in a way that he/she won't forget as it was a participative learning process. The students learn and enjoy at the same time.

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